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Thai Cuisine Has been an international wonder. We will promise a warm welcoming service to all our customers. Located in 12506 Lake City Way NE. We offer free delivery within a 2 miles radius and pick-ups are always welcome. We feature a variety of Thai dishes and soups. Our signature dish is Panang Curry in a thick curry sauce simmered in coconut milk, cabbage, and ground peanuts. Please come back often to check out our Specials selection. It will have our current special Entrees Dishes or any special offers we have currently. Thanks.


About Our Name:

 The word "Erawan" is the Thai name of the mythological elephant Airavata. Also known as "elephant of the clouds", basically an Elephant God.

Dinner Specials:

Garlic Butter Prawns, Pumpkin Red Curry with choice of meat, Green Curry Avocado with prawns

"Where good thai food meets Lake City"